Sun-Kissed Glow Set

18 $



Achieve a sun-kissed glow that lasts with our Sun-Kissed Glow set, featuring our luxurious Tanning Butter and Tan Extender Lotion.

Our Tanning Butter is a rich and nourishing formula that helps you achieve a beautiful, natural-looking tan. Enriched with skin-loving ingredients like shea butter and coconut oil, it deeply moisturizes and conditions your skin while promoting a gradual, even tan.

To maintain and extend your tan, our Tan Extender Lotion is the perfect companion. Infused with hydrating and soothing ingredients, it helps to prolong the life of your tan while keeping your skin soft and supple.

Experience the ultimate sun-kissed glow with our Sun-Kissed Glow set. Embrace a radiant and bronzed complexion that leaves you feeling confident and ready to take on the world.


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